You're probably here because you'd like to know what sort of thing I'd like for a gift! :)

Right now, Alex and I are both trying to save as much as possible for our wedding and honeymoon in August 2019, so first and foremost (if you don't feel it's too impersonal) we'd be immensely grateful for any contribution - talk to Alex if that's something you'd like to do.

Otherwise, as ever, I'm trying to do more in the shed and trying always to have the right tool at hand. To tha end, it's worth noting that Axminster offer gift cards of various denominations and I'd be overjoyed to get one.

I do also have an Amazon wish list which is updated a bit more frequently than this page, but I only use it for things that are available from Amazon, so there will be things on this page that aren't on there - and also there's probably a lot of odds and ends...

Finally, I'm aware that a lot of the items on this page are very expensive! If you're trying to buy me a gift please don't think that this list is prescriptive - hopefully though it'll give you some idea as to what sort of things I'm currently interested in.

Andy's Wish List


Camera things


  • I buy lots of things like t-shirts and underwear from Next, so maybe a gift voucher?

Courses et cetera

  • There's (a man who runs furniture-making courses in Ilkley)[], but they do tend to be quite expensive. That said, I think I'd enjoy either the four-day beginner's course or the basic jointing weekend, or maybe the dovetailing weekend.
  • I really enjoyed the breadmaking course that Alex and I went on together, and also the butchery course I did. Anything along these lines would also be thoroughly appreciated!

Household stuff

  • I finally got hold of a KitchenAid mixer, and I'd love either the meat grinder or the pasta accessory set
  • Toys for Poppy will always be much appreciated - though they have to be immensely hard-wearing as any soft toys (even the "rugged" ones) she tends to destroy in under a minute.

Music stuff

  • A tab book for Queens of the Stone Age's Like Clockwork... Assuming they ever bring one out.


Tools / Workshop stuff

My Amazon wishlist has lots of odds and ends on it, and may be more up to date that the below, so please do check there :)

  • Tools!
    • Spring clamps - something like these or these. You can never have too many clamps. ax803192)
    • A pair of parf super dogs - these go with my home-built workbench and aree really useful for making accurate cuts.
    • Similarly, a pair of short-thread clamping knobs - the ones I bought are too long for my non-super dogs :(