You're probably here because you'd like to know what sort of thing I'd like for a gift! :)

I do also have an [Amazon wish list]( which is up to date and contains a number of non-Amazon items (besides, I would encourage you to buy from wherever you like).

Also please note, I'm aware that a lot of the items on this page are very expensive and I don't really expect anyone to buy me them! This list is absolutely not prescriptive - if you're looking for a gift hopefully though it'll give you some idea as to what sort of things I'm currently interested in, though there are a few cheaper things as well.

Currently, I'm trying to get back into cycling - I have a shiny new road bike on order to arrive in early January, and Alex will skin me alive if I divert hobbies and spend a lot of money elsewhere, so that's my primary focus. With that said, I've got long-term plans to build myself a semi-hollow guitar - see below - and anything that encourages me to keep playing is good.

Andy's Wish List

### Household stuff
* Toys for Poppy will always be much appreciated - though they have to be immensely hard-wearing as any soft toys (even the "rugged" ones) she tends to destroy in under a minute.

### Music stuff
* A tab book for Queens of the Stone Age's _Like Clockwork..._ if they ever bring one out.
* Tabs for Pink Floyd's _Wish You Were Here_ - there's a tab book on the Amazon list that includes this

### Tools / Workshop stuff

My [Amazon wishlist]( has some odds and ends on it, and may be more up to date that the below, so please do check there :)

* Tools
    * Spring clamps - something like [these]( or [these]( You can never have too many clamps.
    * A pair of [parf super dogs]( - these go with my home-built workbench and aree really useful for making accurate cuts.
    * There are a couple of Japanese-style saws listed on the Amazon list
* Projects
    * At some point in the future I intend to have a go at building my own guitar... possibly on a [long course](, so anything from [gift vouchers]( to a [specialist tool kit]( would be very much appreciated.